1. What is a Chatbot?

Chatbot is a software which can communicate with humans via a chat interface in human like conversation without any humans controlling the software.

2. How to install chatbot on website?

Sign Up for a free account on https://dashboard.botjuggler.com/signup. Once signed up you will be presented with a chatbot embeed script which needs to be placed just above the closing </head> tag of your website. Or if you are using Google Tag Manager you can place the embed sctipt in it. Once placed the chatbot will be visible on website.

3. Can i create a chatbot even if I don’t have a website? 

Yes, you can easily create a chatbot in the form of a Web URL and can share with anyone either online or offline. The URL can be used to publish on social media platforms as well as on email signatures.

4. What is a Social Proof Popup?

Social Proof Popups are notification popups that will be displayed on the website when any website visitor performs an action such as buying a product from the website signing up on a form on website etc . The social proof popup will display the website visitors name, time of action as well as location of the visitor.

5. What if i want to create a chatbot only from Botjuggler platform and don’t need the social proof popup service?

Yes, you can use the Botjuggler platform to create chatbot only and can deactivate the social proof popup service and can activate the service whenever needed. 

6. Is the Botjuggler Platform free to use?

We offer a 30 day free trial option where the registered user can use all our features present on the Botjuggler platform.

7. Do i need to have any technical knowledge such as programming skills to create chatbots via Botjuggler platform?

No programming skills are required, we provide an easy to use drag and drop builder where all you need to do is drag and drop the features you require in the chatbot. We also offer a wide array of ready to use chatbot templates for users who don’t want to build a chatbot from scratch.

8. Will the chatbot conversation be saved on Botjuggler server?

No, we don’t save any data on our server. All the chatbot conversation will be sent to email of chatbot owner. If for some reason the email with chatbot conversation doesn’t get delivered then that data will be stored on server for 30 days for the chatbot owner to access.

9. Can I create chatbots/social proof popups from Botjuggler platform for multiple domains?

Yes, you can create multiple Chatbot/Social proof popups for multiple domain by signing up for a single account in Botjuggler platform.

10. What if i want to direct the leads collected via the chatbot to my own server?

Yes, we provide webhook option whereby you can direct the leads to your own server.

11. Is there any option to remove Botjuggler branding from the chatbots created?

Yes, you have the option to remove Botjuggler branding from the chatbots created.

12. What if I encounter any technical issues while using the Botjuggler platform?

We provide 24/7 email support, All you need to do is email your issue and our team will get back to you with a solution.