For any online business building trust with website visitors is of utmost importance as it helps in gaining new customers as well as in retaining them.

And a very good way for creating trust with visitors is through the art of storytelling.

Stories help in establishing connection with your visitors which help in lead generation as well as in building a loyal customer base. 

When it comes to online business or any other business that generate leads via website its the content on the website that needs to convey a story to the website visitor so that the visitor feels wanted and eventually becomes a customer.

But in most cases content on websites fail to convey a story resulting in low customer conversion & profits.

In such cases placing a chatbot on website can do the trick. 

Chatbots have this ability to initiate a conversation with visitors and sell a story, just how a salesperson would do.

Below you will find an example of a storyline bot, which is a bot for the cartoon character asterix that can be used by media publishers to initiate a conversation with readers on websites.

Storyline Bot

Using such chatbots you can automatically initiate a conversation with site visitors, understand their needs and in turn sell your brand’s story and relevance to visitors. 

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