All real estate agents & realty companies will agree that having a website for their brand is imperative for generating leads.

And one of the methods used most commonly for capturing leads from websites has always been Contact Forms.

Where the user fills out the form, you receive the details and contact them resulting in sales. It sounds pretty simple.


Being in the real estate business, customers always expect you to be available 24/7 and will be looking for an instant response to their queries when they are on your website.

With contact forms you can’t offer such kind of personal interactions and that’s where a real estate chatbot can come in handy to offer that extra personal interaction with website visitors.

In this post we’ll explore:

  • How a real estate chatbot can help in lead generation
  • Real estate chatbot template for website

How a real estate chatbot can help in lead generation

a) Connect with buyers fast

People hate to wait, The faster you respond to customer queries higher the chance to convert visitor into customer.

Chatbots can give instant replies to customer queries automatically 24/7 and let visitors book consultations without them needing to make a phone call.

b) Capture visitors attention

Being a real estate business collecting contact details of website visitors is one of the major goals, so that you can contact visitors and close the deal.

Using a real estate chatbot on website would serve the purpose beautifully, the highly attractive popup and design style of chatbot can easily capture the attention of visitors without being annoying and get visitor details.

c) Create more qualified leads

One of the major problems faced by website owners is that majority of leads collected happen to be invalid as most visitors submit invalid contact details.

This problem can easily be solved by a chatbot which can enable you to have personalized conversations with site visitors and qualify leads with respect to the conversations had with the visitor and all done without any human intervention.

d) Get website visitors whatsapp numbers

Whatsapp being one of the most widely used chat application around the world is one of the best ways to engage with customers.

But getting whatsapp numbers of website visitors can be a hard task as people hardly share their phone numbers.

With a chatbot placed on website you can setup a whatsaap button in chatbot which when clicked can automatically collect visitors whatsapp numbers.

And in addition to collecting whatsapp number you can also organize all whatsapp numbers collected along with customer name and other contact details on your crm or excel sheets.

e) Generate more referrals

When you offer customers a great experience with more engagement and consistent follow ups, you’ll receive referral inquiry without having to do much work from your end.

As well as using the chatbot you can organize the leads received via referrals in your crm and can get in touch with them at a later period of time to upsell your other services.

Real estate chatbot template for website