Here i will show how anybody can make a chatbot for website without having any coding skills using Botjuggler chatbot builder.

Before you start making a chatbot for website you need to decide what you want your chatbot to do

Chatbots can be used for different tasks such as to collect leads, answer support queries, surveys etc

In this article we’ll be making a chatbot that collect leads for a digital agency.

Let’s start to create your first chatbot!

  1. First you need to go to and login to your account. If you haven’t signed up for an account you can sign up for a free account by clicking on the following link Once logged in you would see a dashboard as shown below.

2. Click Create bot button and enter a bot name of your choice and a website url in the field given and click on continue.

3. Next select the button Create from scratch , you also have the option to select a ready made chatbot template, but in this article we will be setting up our own custom conversation.

4. In appearance section choose the chatbot icon of your choice, select background colour for chatbot, setup a welcome message to greet website visitors and select the widget position according to your liking.

5. Once the appearance of chatbot has been set you will be directed to the script page as shown below. Select the Edit Chatbot Script option for setting up the conversations in chatbot.

6. Here in the builder section we will setup the chat conversation. So lets start the chatbot conversation with a welcome message by selecting the message box in the builder and entering a welcome message.

7. After setting up the welcome message , will provide an option to the chatbot user to select the service he is looking to avail from the digital agency. For setting this option in chatbot will use the Multi reply button in builder. Below have shown how the Multi reply button is setup.

8. Next will ask a question regarding the budget the user has in mind. For this select the Question button and drag and drop in work area of builder to type in the question that needs to be asked.

9. After inquiring about the budget the user has in mind, will also ask him a question whether the project is urgent. For getting the answer from the user will use a Multi reply button as shown below.

10. Once you have received a basic idea of the users requirement you can collect the users name and email address for your team to get in touch with the user. For collecting name and email address will use the Ask name button and Email button.

11. With the users contact details collected you can end the chat conversation by thanking the user for submitting his details and notifying that your team will get back to him shortly. For specifying end of conversation we can use the Thank You button in builder , which when used will also notify the chatbot owner a lead has been received via email.

12. Yes that’s all, Check the preview of chatbot below

In just few steps you can build a chatbot for website. Using the Botjuggler builder you can build chatbots for different types of businesses and if you find it difficult to build chatbot from scratch, you can select any one of our ready made chatbot templates available for different types of use cases.

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