You would agree with me that getting solar leads online is a challenge.

Nowadays all companies in solar industry have a presence online and spend a large amount of marketing budget on boosting their online presence 👁. 

With such high competition you need to offer something extra which your competition doesn’t offer, which can create interest in your service and get leads to choose your business.  

In this article i will show you how by placing a simple chatbot🤖 on website can help double your lead collection online.

To generate leads online two actions need to be done effectively  

  1. Promotion of service
  2. Create interest in potential customers
Promotion Of Service 🚀 

Getting people to know about your business is the first step in generating leads and the best ways to promote your service online are 

a) Search engine optimization (SEO) – Optimize your website for keywords which customers interested in solar related services will search for in google and rank on the top page of google for those keywords so that customers will instantly find your website.

b) Google Ads Run google Ad campaigns targeting keywords which people will search in google when they are looking for solar related service and thereby direct them to your website. The upside of using Google Ads is that it can give you instant traffic of interested customers when compared to SEO as SEO takes time but the downside is Google Ads can be expensive.

c) Facebook Ads – Run Facebook Ads and compared to Google Ads it is less expensive and you get the option to target a wide variety of customers anywhere around the world.

d) Content Marketing – Content marketing is a strategy whereby you create content related to your business and distribute it via blogs, social media and other platforms to attract and retain an audience interested in your type of business and eventually convert them to customers.

Create Interest in Potential Customers😊  

Once traffic starts coming to website you need to create an interest in the minds of users so that they get convinced to choose your service.

That’s where a chatbot🤖 comes into play 

A chatbot on website can automatically initiate a conversation with users and eventually generate a lead.

Below is a chatbot template which you can use on website and easily collect solar sales leads.