In this article i will show you 3 simple ways to add a chatbot to your website using Botjuggler platform.

  • Placement of chatbot via website source code
  • For WordPress websites
  • Using Google tag manger

Placement of chatbot via website source code

  1. Login to Botjuggler Dashboard

2. Select the option Bots from slider menu

3. Click the edit button of the Bot created

4. Select the option Script

5. Copy the chatbot script by clicking the copy button

6. Paste the copied chatbot script just above the closing body tag (</body>) of your website source code.

7. After placing the code refresh the page and you would see the chatbot widget on your website as shown below.

For WordPress Websites

  1. If you have a wordpress website all you need to do is install the Botjuggler wordpress plugin (

2. Once the Botjuggler plugin is installed, in your wordpress main dashboard you will find a tab named Botjuggler on left menu bar, click the option.

3. Next all you need to do is copy the chatbot script from Botjuggler dashboard and paste it in Code snippet area and click submit.

Using Google Tag manager

  1. Copy the chatbot script from the Botjuggler Platform

2. Log in to Google tag manger and click on the New tag section

3. Select the Tag Configuration section and then select the Custom HTML option from the tag list.

4. Paste the chatbot script in the HTML field

5. Click the Triggering tile below and then select All pages

6. Once done click the save button, when the save button is clicked you will be asked to enter a tag name and click the save button.

7. Once you are back on Home page , Click the Submit button to apply the changes

8. That’s all, the chat widget would be visible on website.