Check out this conference chatbot template which can be used to collect participant registrations.

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Real estate chatbotsNameFeaturesTemplate

Digital agencies chatbot

  • Generate leads
  • Collect customers requirements
  • Promote services
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Media Companies chatbot

  • Collect viewer details
  • Collect viewer feeback
  • Run Poll campaigns
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Software company chatbot

  • Generate leads
  • Showcase services
  • Offer customer support
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Church/Ministries chatbot

  • Collect prayer requests
  • Create follower groups
  • Collect donations
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Ecommerce chatbot

  • Offer customer support
  • Collect enquiries
  • Turn visitors into customers
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Multi Feature IT company bot

  • Collect Sales inquiries
  • Offer technical support
  • Collect Resumes
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Blood Donation Chatbot

  • Create blood groups
  • Collect blood donor details
  • Answer queries
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Customer Support Chatbot

  • Answer customer queries
  • Provide instant support
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