You would have noticed that when you visit top brands or business websites such as,, etc the customer service they offer is top notch as well as easy to get in touch with.

And by offering such good customer service it creates confidence and trust in customers’ minds which helps to retain that customer for life.

But to offer such top notch customer service it requires large support teams and expensive softwares which can be out of reach for small and mid sized businesses.

Here I will show you 5 smart ways on how you can use a chatbot for customer service on websites and impress your customers.

  1. Respond quickly to customer queries

Responding quickly to customer queries boosts customer satisfaction as it shows you value your customers time.

The most common method businesses use on their website to answer customer queries instantly is via live chat through live agents. 

But live chat can be an expensive option for most businesses as they will need to employ live agents 24/7 and will also need to set up and spend for live chat software. 

In such a case you can use a chatbot on websites which can respond instantly to customer queries without any live agents and that to 24/7. 

Below an example is shown on how you can use a chatbot for customer service on website with zero cost on manpower.

2. Offer customer service on all social media platforms

Nowadays most businesses in addition to having a website also have other touch points for customers to discover them such as Facebook page, Instagram, Linkedin profiles etc

And all these social media platforms provide messenger services whereby anyone can ask queries or chat with the business.

But to interact and resolve queries of customers on all platforms will be challenge as it will require a lot of resources such as manpower, software etc 

You can solve this issue by placing a chatbot in the form of a URL similar to this <URL>in your social media messenger. And no exclusive chatbots need to be built for various social media platforms.

So when any customer opens the concerned messenger to chat you can display a message as show in the image below.

The customer all needs to do is to click the url and the chatbot will interact with customer.

3. Collect customer interest

If you want to offer great customer service one main aspect is to have a clear idea on what your customer needs & interests are.

And this info can be effectively collected by using a chatbot and in turn amaze your customers with superior service.

Below is an example of a chatbot for an ecommerce site selling consumer appliances. The chatbot is used for collecting customer queries ,and in the process the chatbot collects product interest info, location info, contact info etc of the customer.

All the data collected will be directed to a google sheet or an excel sheet and the website team can study the data collected from chatbot and accordingly improve their services.

4. Offer a humanized customer service

Customers always want to interact with a person not with the company

Now for businesses which don’t have a live support team it can be a challenge to cater to customers one to one. 

And such businesses mainly use email & contact forms for collecting customer queries 

By using a chatbot you can offer your customers a humanized customer service because the interaction with customers happens in a conversational format similar to how a live agent would chat 

Below you can check out how personal the conversation can be made with your customers while providing customer service.

5. Multi Language support

For businesses selling services or products all around the world, one major factor they need to keep in mind is language of customers.

Different countries have different languages and if the businesses can talk in the language of preference of the customer it would be a add on boost for the business.

Use a chatbot to take your business global in seconds and chat with customers in their preferred language without any human intervention.

Below you can see a snippet on how a multi language chatbot can be designed.

Wrapping It Up 

Now any business of any size can offer effective customer service smartly without spending big resources on customer support teams.

All you need to do is build and design a chatbot according to your business requirement and place it on your online platforms where customers interact.