Donating blood save lives

Donating blood needs to be encouraged among people but in some cases people are very apprehensive in donating blood and also people interested in donating blood find it hard to submit their interests on blood donation websites.

This is where a chatbot🤖 can make a big difference.

Chatbots🤖 can be used to remove that apprehension from minds of people by answering queries and other concerns of donors.

As well as collect blood donors details easily and swiftly which can help blood banks, clinics, hospitals etc to get in touch with donors when needed. 

Below i have shown a chatbot template which can be used by blood banks, hospitals etc on their website to get more people to donate blood.

The template mentioned above can be customized by adding more options such as FAQ, donor information etc which can answer customer queries automatically without any human help.

Click the button below to add a chatbot to website and see the difference.

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