I’m sure you would agree with me that for any online business owner conversion of site visitors into customers is of high priority. 

And for maximizing conversion rate on websites different types of techniques can be used such as, creating landing pages, introducing exit popups, placing forms for collecting site visitor details etc 

But in this post i will share to you 7 simple chatbot ideas on how you can increase your site conversion rate using chatbots without spending any money on expensive landing page builders, form builders etc 

Check out the following chatbot ideas to boost conversion
1. Reduce cart abandonment
2. Welcome site visitors with customized messages
3. Stop visitors leaving website
4. Collect more leads from website
5. Answer customer FAQ
6. Use chatbot with live chat
7. Integrate chatbot with social media profile

Before that some basics

What is a chatbot? 

Chatbot is a software which can communicate with humans via a chat interface in human like conversation without any humans controlling the software. 

Check the image below on how a chatbot functions on a website 

Want to know more about Chatbots check out this Complete Guide On Chatbots

1.Reduce cart abandonment 

Cart Abandonment is a major issue faced by E-commerce store owners 

According to research 76% is the average cart abandon rate of customers leaving the site without making a purchase after adding products to their cart. 

To reduce cart abandon rate, e-commerce store owners mainly use emails where a user when leaves the cart without completing the purchase an email is sent to the visitor.

But sending email is an old school approach, as it takes too much time and the probability of the user opening his email at that very moment is very low. 

This is where you can use a Chatbot, which will act much faster and you would be able to make the customer to complete the purchase at that very moment.

How it works?

When a customer adds items in his cart and exits the cart without making the purchase, the chatbot can be used to engage the customer at that very moment with a small discount offer to entice the customer to make the purchase.

Or ask the customer on why he is not completing the purchase and accordingly work out a solution for the customer to complete the purchase. 

Below you can see a brief demonstration on how a chatbot can be used to reduce cart abandonment

2. Welcome site visitors with customized messages 

Imagine you visit a shop to buy a pair of shoes and the shop owner personally welcomes you and looks into your requirement, wont you feel special and the chances of you buying shoes from that shop will be very high.

Similarly greet your site visitors with welcome messages and make them feel wanted and special.

For Eg: When a customer visits your site for the first time, the chatbot can welcome first time visitors with custom messages as shown below 

As well as when visitors return back to the site, the chatbot can offer special discounts to returning visitors and enable greater sales on site. 

3. Stop visitors leaving website 

Getting site visitors to spend more time on your website is of upmost importance for any website owner as the chances of buying or availing a service from the website is much greater. 

When a customer moves his mouse cursor outside the website window and selects any other site.

The chatbot can be used to instantly engage with the customer with a question or any message and initiate a conversation to collect information on why the customer is leaving the site and if possible offer a solution. 

Keep in mind all these operations can be done without the need of any human intervention.

Below you can see a Chatbot template to stop visitors leaving website

4. Collect more leads from website 

The most common traditional way for collecting leads from website is via using Forms, which when leads are received an email is sent to the lead or is fed into the crm and once the lead is qualified the lead will be contacted. 

Chatbots are much more interactive and user friendly and function entirely in a new way compared to collecting leads via forms. 

Chatbots have the unique ability to nudge website visitors to initiate a conversation and easily collect contact details of site visitors and in the process will qualify genuine leads for you.

Hence you or your team will need to contact only genuine qualified leads and save you time and money from contacting non genuine leads. 

5. Answer customer FAQ 

When you run a business website or an e-commerce portal there are certain frequently asked questions by customers. 

And answering them again and again in person takes a lot of time or using a Faq page in website to display frequently asked question can be an ineffective strategy as customers have to search and find the correct answers by themselves which can be a tedious process.

Chatbots can help in answering frequently asked questions , by preloading the frequently asked questions in bot so that no manpower is used in giving answers.

As well as the customers don’t need to scroll through large set of information, the answers to queries will be communicated via a conversational manner which can greatly improve customer experience.

Below is an sample template of an FAQ chatbot

6. Integrate chatbot with live chat  

Integration of chatbot with live chat services can be a very useful idea for website owners using live chat.

Integrating chatbot with live chat solves 2 main issues.

a) Save time: Many questions asked by customers will be questions asked again and again and answering such questions take up a lot of time of chat agents 

By integrating a chatbot , when a customer initiates a chat the chatbot can initially interact with the customer and if the question can’t be answered by the bot it can be transferred to the live agent, there by saving a lot time of chat agents.

b) Save money: Many businesses may find it cost wise difficult to appoint large number of live agents as well as appoint them 24/7.

Here integration of chatbot can help as a single chatbot can answer multiple customers at the same time and direct only relevant queries to be answered by agents and thereby saving on manpower cost 

As well as even if the queries are not answered by live agents due to any reason the chatbots can automatically collect the customer details and direct it to the live agent when available.  

7.Integrate chatbot with social media profiles

Many businesses, freelancers, professionals etc don’t have a websites or use their social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram , Linkedin etc for generating leads.

For such users the messenger platforms used on the following social media accounts are the main source for collecting leads, For eg: messenger tab in facebook, messaging option in instagram etc.

Create a chatbot that can be used on all such social media accounts and as discussed above in this article save your time by contacting only qualified leads and well as provide a never ever seen customer experience.

For creating a chatbot for your social media accounts you don’t need to create exclusive chatbots for different social media platforms.

You can create a chatbot URL similar to the one show below using the Botjuggler builder and place it on your social media accounts in just 5 minutes.

Wrapping It Up

Try placing a chatbot on your website and see the difference it brings in your lead generation efforts. 

So if you are interested in building a free custom chatbot for your business you can sign up for a free account on Botjuggler Chatbot Builder Platform or use any other chatbot builder to build a chatbot without any programming skills and see the magic.